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We've been in business for over 41 years.
Etch-O-Matic is a Trademark of
Martronics Corp.
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New Etch-O-Matic Kits
Permanently Mark Or Etch Metal 

Tools, Parts, Knives, Equipment, and Instruments With Your Own Copy, Designs, Names, Numbers or Trademarks In Your Own Shop
 For Less Than A Penney Per Mark.... 
In About Three Seconds!

Here Is A NEW METAL MARKING SYSTEM For Your Shop Or Business That Will Save You Time and Money!!

Now You Can Mark Anything Metal

Marks Anything Metal In Seconds!

Etching Tools

Click On Photo Or Below To See Page of Videos of Metal Marking!
Metal Marking Kits

 Such As Tools, Dies, Metal Parts, Knives or Manufactured Products That Need To Be Permanently Marked With Your Designs, Names, Product Info. Or Trademarks With The New Etch-O-Matic Permanent Metal Marking System.  And You Can Do The Job Quickly, Easily And It Will Save You MONEY!
  Check Out The Etch-O-Matic Video.

Etch-O-Matic Also Marks Saw Blades, Dies, Gauges, Cutting Tools, Carbides, Drill Bits, Castings, Ball Bearings, And All Metals Including Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Titanium, Aluminum, Tool Steels, Tin, Zinc, Lead And Black Oxide.

Click On Photo Or Above To See Page Of
 Videos Of
Etch-O-Matic Etching Metal


Marks Knives, Swords And Cutlery Easily

Etched Knife

 Click on the Photo To See
Video Page Of Etch-O-Matic
Marking Knives

The New Etch-O-Matic Kits will let YOU Permanently Etch Into Your Knives, Cutlery, Swords or Tools Your Own Copy, Designs or Trademarks Right In Your Own Shop In Seconds!  This is the Easiest, Quickest and Least Expensive Way To Permanently Mark Anything Metal...And YOU Can Do It! 

Lowest Priced Knife Marking Kits Available Anywhere!

Simply Click on the Photo at Left Or Here To Learn About Marking Knives with the Etch-O-Matic And See Video Page On Knife Marking



Stencil Maker Kit

Click Photo Or Below to
Learn More About
Dura-Film Stencil Makers

 Now You Can Make Permanent Stencils With Your Own Designs, Artwork or Text Copy That Can Be Reused Over And Over Again To Etch Metal, Etch Glass Or With Water Based Acrylic Paint They Can Be Used To Put Anything You Wish On Any Surface That Will Accept Paint.  Also These Same Units Will Make Aluminum Labels, Signs And Nameplates In RED, BLACK & BLUE!

Here Is A New System That Will Open Up Thousands Of Ideas For You And Let You Easily Do Things That Will Save Time & Money!

Click Here To Investigate The New Stencil Makers


Aluminum Signs, Labels or Nameplates!


Click On Photo Or Below For Info On
Insta-Mark Aluminum Labels.

NOW You can use any of the New U.V. Stencil Makers (Shown Above) for Many Other Things Besides just Making Dura-Film Stencils You can make all kinds of Signs, Tags, Decals & Nameplates For Products.  In Fact just about Anything that You Can Create on Your Computer You can Put on A Sign or Tag. The Possibilities are Endless and You will get a Lot of Extra Use out of Your Stencil Makers. To Find Out more also check out the Sign-O-Matic Page shown below.

Click on the Photo at Left or Below to Learn More About
Insta-Mark Aluminum Labels



Rubber Stamp Making Kit

Click On Photo or Below For 
 Info On Rubber Stamp Kits

Here Is a Great New Way To Make Commercial Grade Rubber Stamps (And Art Rubber Stamps) Using a New Liquid Photopolymer (That Works With Ultra-Violet Light) to Quickly and Easily make Rubber Stamps with Text Copy, Designs or Artwork you make On Your Computer in Any size up to 6"x 8". .

  Most Rubber Stamps can be made in About 10 to 15 Minutes from start to completed stamp and there is enough Liqui-Stamp Photopolymer in the kit to make 300-400 sq. in. of Rubber Stamps (at $5.00 per sq. in. on Commercial Stamps) that is About $1,500.00 Worth of Material. 
There is  NOTHING like this on the Internet Today that is so Easy to Use and Economical!

Learn More About Our Rubber Stamp Kits




Click On Photo Or Below For a Video
On Making Aluminum Signs, Labels or Nameplates

NOW You can Create on Your Own Computer any Text Copy, Design or Trademark You Wish and then Make Professional Quality Aluminum Signs, Labels, Decals,  Equipment Tags, Nameplates and Panel Fronts In Minutes in Your Own Shop Using The Sign-O-Matic (or Any Of the Four New Stencil Makers Above).

You can make them on Aluminum With 3M Adhesive Backing In
Three Colors including: Black, Blue And Red

See Video About Making Aluminum Signs, Nameplates & Labels

NEW FEATURE!  Glass Etching Kits


Glass Etching

Now You Can Use Dura-Film Stencils Made With The New Stencil Makers to Permanently Etch Glass! Click Here to Learn More About Glass Etching Or Check Out Our Custom Etched Recognition Awards

Glass Etching Is Easy, Fast, Inexpensive, Profitable And YOU Can Do It! Check Out Our New Site to Learn More About Glass Etching. Check Out Our New Line Of Custom Etched Glass Recognition Awards

Transparency Film

Transparencies are used for printing the copy or designs created on your computer. They are then placed in the UV Dura-Film Stencil Maker and transferred onto a piece of unexposed Dura-Film stencil. Please specify laser or inkjet, depending upon the type of printer you use.
Available Size: (Inkjet and Laser Available)
10 Pack 81/2" x 11"




We Have Been In Business For 41 Years. Here Is A List Of Some Of The Thousands Of
Companies Who Use Etch-O-Matic Products

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